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Company History – profile of Ian Nurden

In 1970 at the age of 14, whilst completing my last year at school, most of my weekends and evenings were spent in my Dad’s yard sorting tiles into the right sizes, dressing them and understanding tiles as a whole.

My Dad started in the building industry working for a company in Tetbury in Gloucestershire before setting up on his own after the war.

When I left school, I spent five years as an apprentice learning and understanding all the aspects of general building services, having spent weeks on end with different trades whilst picking up skills from carpentry to roofing, plastering to wiring and plumbing and after so that at the end of the five years, I had gained a full insight into most aspects of the building industry.

At that time, my father and I worked on average on five pubs a year for Courage Brewery, based in Newbury and we spent a lot of time away from home roofing their properties for them and would at that time have had anything up to 18 months work booked in advance.

After I completed my apprenticeship, I had gained invaluable experience to establish myself with a labourer and spent the following years stripping, re-laying and repairing stone tile roofs until I set up my own business in February 1988.

I finished working with my father on the Friday and started up my own business on the Monday – for the first week, I only had three days’ work but things soon changed and from the following week, I had enough jobs to work seven days a week and this trend continued for a number of years.

In July 1988, I secured my first big contract to build a bungalow at Bullocks Horn in Charlton, Wiltshire. I employed a small number of other sub-contractors to assist me with the plastering, wiring and general building and by the end of this build, I had taken on three members of staff to help me run my business.

We then progressed into all aspects of the building trade, as demand for different building projects increased and with the vast building experience I had gained with my father, I felt able to cope with the growing activities we were contracted to complete.